gtk project directory structure

every project share something in common. That something in common save us lazy programmer a lot of time. Here is a nice article about this

common project directory structure
project with i18n


GtkDataBox – plotting data

GtkDatabox is a widget for the Gtk+-library designed to display large amounts of numerical data fast and easy. One or more data sets of thousands of data points (X and Y coordinate) may be displayed and updated in split seconds.

gtkdatabox homepage
simple tutorial on gtkdatabox



very interesting curl library binding using glib. It make life easier to use http in gtk program

more info
Official libcurl website


how to change label font color

by using gtk_label_set_markup()


GdkColor color;
gdk_color_parse("red", &color);
gtk_widget_modify_fg(widget, GTK_STATE_NORMAL, &color);

more about pango markup format


new gtkimageviewer

From Dov Grobgeld

a major rewrite (using gob2 actually) where the image annotation model has been changed so that the image is provided to the user of the widget before it is drawn to the screen.

gtkimageviewer tutorial


how to display busy cursor

interesting post on mailing list

void busy_stuff ()
GdkDisplay *display;
GdkCursor *cursor;
GdkWindow *window;
gint x, y;

cursor = gdk_cursor_new(GDK_WATCH);

display = gdk_display_get_default();
window = gdk_display_get_window_at_pointer(disp, &x, &y);

gdk_window_set_cursor(window, cursor);

/* do time-consuming stuff here */

gdk_window_set_cursor(window, NULL);

gdk_cursor_unref() prevent memory leak

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