qooxdoo typeerror .. is not a constructor

very tricky error. the problem lies somewhere in the defined class structure. in my case, i put the function inside the main method instead inside the members method .


managing source code using git

git sound strange to me. But, as i learn more, it is a very good piece of software for any programmer to manage their code.

#apt-get install git-core

starting with git with just 10 commands
Manage source code using git
Git user manual

free installer for windows

Inno setup from jrsoftware.org is a free installer for window program. Another one is NSIS, and open source system to create window installer.

Wix Installer is another option. Just found out about Wix recently and it seem a very good option.

Wix Project page
Wix Tutorial page
Innosetup homepage
NullSoft scriptable install system


forex exchange rate

one of my client asking me to write a software for his money changer company. The current exchange rates can
be downloaded from



LibXML2 tutorial

libxml2 one of the most important c library programmer must know.

LibXML2 official tutorial



very interesting curl library binding using glib. It make life easier to use http in gtk program

more info
Official libcurl website


Flickcurl c library for flickr API

very interesting C API for flickr!