Qooxdoo change global application font size

setFontSize: function(size)
var doc = this.getRoot();
var manager = qx.theme.manager.Font.getInstance();
var defaultFont = manager.resolve(doc.getFont());
var newFont = defaultFont.clone().setSize(parseInt(size));



qooxdoo wrong icon path after migrate from 2.0 to 3.5

It must be in the form below, start by “/**” and end by “*/” and in between start by “*”.

* @assert(sumisi/*)

Otherwise assert will not be read by JsDoc and give an error

qx.ui.basic.Image[90-0]: Image could not be loaded: sumisi/login.png
ImageLoader: Not recognized format of external image 'sumisi/login.png'

qooxdoo datefield value less one day

For example the user choose the date 2012-12-31 but the value submitted is 2012-12-30. It has something to do with timezone as explained
on this post


disable tabview page

Here is a way to disable the tabview page. Turn it grey and unclickable.

var page = new qx.ui.tabview.Page("page");
page.set({enabled: false});


qooxdoo execute callback function on this scope

rpc.callAsync(qx.lang.Function.bind(this._responseReceived, that));

now you can refer this in _responseReceived Functions.